‘Imaginative Meditation’ Book Event – Aug. 9 in Brevard


Mary Ann Archer wants to help others get in touch with God. Her new book, “Shared Imagination: A Channel to God and with Each Other” (published by Balboa Press), is a collection of true, spiritual narratives that explores the use of imagination in meditation for a vivid connection with the divine. Mary Ann will be at Highland Books in Brevard on August 9 starting at 4:30 p.m. She will speak, sign books, and offer an imaginative meditation experience for those who would like to stay.

MA Archer - book cover

Shared Imagination encourages a personal, one-on-one relationship with God. Archer, who spoke with members belonging to her meditation groups, curated the stories. Each storyteller shares his or her real-life encounters with the Divine through imaginative meditation and the surprising spiritual experiences that blossomed in everyday life because of this process.

Archer’s own life was transformed 30 years ago, when she learned about the process of using imagination in meditation. She explains, “Basically, I flunked ‘clearing my mind’ meditation, and Centering Prayer never seemed to work for me… Entering a story in imagination in meditation opened an experiential channel between me and the Divine where I could receive spiritual insights to ponder, the whole experience shepherded by a trained, but
non-clergy, lay person.”

“Unlike in our modern world, where only scientific facts and physical experiences are to be trusted, my book proposes the reality of a spiritual world where Love resides,” says Archer. “My book maintains that imagination is not something to fear but can be used to access that world.”

Local readers are encouraged to purchase the book at Highland Books in Brevard, located at 277 N. Broad Street in College Plaza. The book is also available through Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble.

Mary Ann Archer is a spiritual director, retreat leader and professional flutist. She received her Master of Arts in spiritual direction from General Theological Seminary in New York City. She has worked with individuals and groups in spiritual direction for more than 30 years, focusing on active imagination. A member of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra for 26 years, she now performs with orchestras across the South and lives with her husband, Frank, and their cats in Charlotte, North Carolina.